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Metallurgica Siderforge s.r.l. is one of the major Italian companies producing rolled rings, open die forgings, closed die forgings , in carbon, alloy, superalloy , stainless, duplex and superduplex.
The company is equipped with technologically advanced equipment for the complete machining of all types of flanges and the machining of open die forgings and rings according to the customers' requirements.

A little of our story:
On 14.12.95 Siderforge s.r.l. took over Metallurgica s.p.a.
The new company was called Metallurgica Siderforge s.r.l. which currently:
>Employs around 260 persons
>Yearly turnover 130 millions Euro/year
> Has an annual output of 65.000 ton/year of steel.
> Exports 60 % of its production.
> Is certified by the most important inspection authorities in Europe.
In the area of Busano Canavese (TO) on 01/01/2001 a new production- unit of Metallurgica Siderforge s.r.l. specialized for the closed die forgings commenced and developed .

Metallurgica Siderforge S.r.l. Via M. Schiro, 2 - 36010 Cogollo Del Cengio (VI)